Freddie Mercury delivered a special gift to Elton John after his death

todayNovember 24, 2021


Elton John clearly emphasizes that Freddie Mercury was an exceptional human being. He received an incredible parting gift after Mercury’s death, thirty years ago.

The Queen frontman had purchased this on his deathbed from an auction house. On Christmas Day, mutual friend Tony King showed up at Elton’s doorstep. That was a month after Mercury’s death on November 24, 1991.

“He had something with him in a pillowcase. It was a watercolour painting by Henry Scott Tuke. That’s an impressionist whose work I collected. He specialized in male nudes.”

Accompanying the painting is a little handwritten message.

Dearest Sharon, I thought you would like these. Love, Melina.

Elton: “He thought about Christmas presents for a Christmas he must have known he wouldn’t live to see. He still cared about others when he should have only cared about himself. Freddie was magnificent.”

Freddie Mercury on the air

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Lyrics: Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever

Written by: Jeremy

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